At Como Fitness our Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEPs) are:

University qualified allied health professionals

Experts in providing exercise-based programs

Here to guide you to improve your overall health, fitness, and mental well-being

Specialists in providing exercise programs for people with:

  • Metabolic,
  • Cardiopulmonary,
  • Neurological,
  • Musculoskeletal,
  • Cancers, and
  • Mental health conditions

Registered with Medicare, Department of Veterans Affairs and all private health insurance providers

Fully accredited and governed by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA)

Whether it’s trekking in Nepal or running the City to Surf Fun Run, we have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Check with your private health insurance provider.

You maybe be eligible for a rebate when you consult with our Exercise Physiologist

Functional Exercise Rehabilitation

Do you need to rebuild your strength, mobility and function following injury, illness or surgery?

Functional Exercise Rehabilitation (FER) is aimed to improve your strength and conditioning following an injury, illness or surgery.

This is an ideal stepping stone from your initial treatment towards full function, mobility and strength.

You will be guided by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEPs) utilizing the most up-to-date clinical research to help you.

For more information please call 9450 8888.

Medicare and Department of Veteran Affairs

Rebated services are available and Bulk Billed through Medicare or DVA.

You will require a referral from your GP for one of the following:

  • Enhanced Primary Care Plans/Team Care Arrangements
  • Chronic Disease Management Plans
  • GP Management Plans for patients with type II diabetes
  • DVA Referral with a D904 referral.
  • Home based and Gym based programs.

Injured at Work or in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Our Exercise Physiologist are here to assist you in your Rehabilitation.

Exercise Rehabilitation delivered by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist will assist you in your recovery.

We equipped and trained to deliver you an exercise program that focuses on your “functional fitness”!

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with KLT

Kinetic Link Training (KLT) is a systematic approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training. Achieve fantastic physical performance and results.

KLT is the most effective functional strength training program, it utilises an integrated approach to human biomechanics.

KLT exercises and workouts are fully transferable across an extremely wide spectrum of clients of all ages and fitness levels; for rehabilitation, occupational conditioning or sports performance.

KLT exercises and workouts train integrated full body movement patterns in three dimensions which follow myofascial lines and respect the kinetic link principle.

We invite everybody who is interested in functional strength training, to explore sample KLT exercises and workouts at

Our Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainers are all Level 1 qualified KLT Instructors. By incorporating KLT into your gym workouts you will:

  • Develop fantastic full-body fitness.
  • Create a well balanced and well toned physique.
  • Develop strength and stability in three dimensions of motion.
  • Significantly enhance your functional movement strength and control.
  • Appreciate how to move your entire body in an integrated manner with ease & efficiency.
  • Understand how functional strength training fits into a bigger picture of long-term health.