Medicare Care Plans & Diabetes Group Exercise Plan

There two types of Medicare Referrals available. Both referrals are available through your GP.  There are NO out-of-pocket expenses for patients.

Care Plan

A Chronic Disease Care Plans or Enhanced Primary care program is a GP referral for chronic health conditions.  Often called a “Care Plan”; you may have up to 5 x consults per year. And every year.

Common chronic conditions include:

·        Diabetes and Obesity·        Osteoarthritis
·         Osteoporosis·         Lower back pain
·         Pulmonary Conditions (COPD)·         Neuromuscular Conditions
·         Autoimmune Conditions·         Cardiovascular Disease / Heart Conditions
·         Rheumatoid Arthritis·         Joint replacements
·         Mental Health Illness·         Depression / Anxiety / PTSD


Diabetes Group Exercise Plan

For people with Type II Diabetes there is, additional to the Care Plan, a GP Management Plan for patients with Type II diabetes. Often called a “Diabetes Group Exercise Plan”; you can have up to 8 x Group Exercise Classes per year.

This is specifically for people who a pre-diabetic, patients with Type II diabetes or people diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome to attend Group Exercise Classes.

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