Department of Veterans Affairs

Como Fitness 24/7 have an extensive history working with Veterans from many different eras. Our Exercise Physiologists understand the unique nature of Veterans physical and psychological conditions.

In particular, Damian Pavlinovich (Principal Exercise Physiologist), set up many of the health and exercise programs throughout Western Australia over 20 years ago. This was called the Heart Health Program for Vietnam Veterans.

He started working with the Veterans Counselling Service (now called Open Arms) in the early 2000’s improving Veterans’ quality of live, improving their relationships, gaining control over their health conditions and re-introducing them to fitness.

His recognition of the unique needs for Veterans combined with his approach, where every is equal, has seen many Veterans’ s re-introduced to a healthier life.

Entitled DVA clients (Gold Card or White Card) may be referred for to Exercise Physiology treatment by their general practitioner on a valid D904 referral form. Upon referral DVA will pay for clinically necessary treatment.

These benefits include:

  • Advice and guidance from someone you understand the unique needs of Veterans’.
  • Exercise plans focused on gaining control over health conditions such as Diabetes.
  • Improving Veterans fitness and quality of life.
  • Exercise treatment program focused on improving mental wellbeing.
  • Improving mood, sleep quality and energy levels.
  • Exercise plans that reduce Pain, Tiredness and Fatigue.
  • Building strength and improving balance.
  • Improve Fitness, Mobility, Endurance, Balance and Flexibility.
  • Consultations are available in our 24/7 gym in Como or at your home.


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