Keep Fit Seniors Classes

Do you want to get back into moving more and empowering yourself? 

Are you ready to TRANSFORM?  


Como Fitness 24/7 has been funded through a grant from the Australian Sports Commission to offer low cost exercise to everyone over 65!

It’s simple to get involved!  Are you inactive or completing less than 30 minutes of moderate physical exercise activity per week and over 65 years of age?  Then you are eligible!

Group Classes or Home Visits the choice is yours!

There are NINE (9) classes per week to get you moving more and empowering yourself!

We can visit you in your home and design a specific exercise plan for you to get you moving more and being more mobile!

Exercise Right for Active Aging is an initiative of Exercise & Sports Science Australia funded through a Sport Australia – Better Ageing Grant.  To qualify for funding everyone must complete a Health Questionnaire and undertake some simple fitness tests.  This funding is limited; we recommend you apply early to secure your place.  Don’t miss out!


Group Classes


What do participants get?

  • Initial consultation, Group Exercise Classes and a follow up consultation (30 mins).
  • All classes fully supervised by an Exercise Physiologist.
  • All participants undergo an Initial Orientation on equipment and Assessment.
  • Sorry no 24/7 gym access is available.
  • Classes run for 60 minutes and include:
    • warm up and cool down
    • strength training machines
    • balance and mobility exercises
    • cardio exercises (treadmill / bike etc.)

How much do I pay?

A one off fee of $99 is charged.

When are the group classes held? 

7:30 AMKeepFit SeniorsKeepFit Seniors
8:30 AMKeepFit SeniorsKeepFit Seniors
11:00 AMKeepFit SeniorsKeepFit SeniorsKeepFit SeniorsKeepFit Seniors
2.00 PMStrength for Life


Home Visits

  • Two (2) home visits, each visit is 45 minutes in duration.
  • Design you a home based plan.
  • Specific exercises to improve your balance and make you more mobile!
  • Visits are conducted by an Exercise Physiologist.

How much do I pay?

A one off fee of $49 is charged.

When can I book a home visit?

Home visits can be booked Monday to Friday.  

Are you ready to TRANSFORM?  Call us NOW on 94508888 and get started today!


The subsidy is available to participants over 65 years through the Active Ageing Project.  This project is funded through the Australian Sport Commission and Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA).  The aim is to help and improve activity levels in older Australians.  

          • Classes to suit all fitness levels

          • No Doctor or Medicare referral required

          • Improve your strength, stamina and fitness

          • Improve your bone density, lower your cholesterol, lose weight

          • Improve your balance, mobility and flexibility 

          • Ideal for everyone with or without a chronic health condition


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