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Como Fitness 24/7 has expert Personal Trainers available 6 days per week to meet your needs and help you achieve amazing results. Our qualified, experienced Personal Trainers will meet your every need with a personalised training plan based on your personal fitness goals, fitness level and injury background. We offer one on one personal training,  or two on one personal training sessions for either 30 or 60 minutes, giving you plenty of options to train with a friend or fit your budget.

Our Personal Trainers will deliver amazing, motivating training sessions that will have you focused on your health and fitness goals. You will be provided with a personal training program for your trips to Como Fitness to work on outside of your scheduled sessions to keep you progressing toward your goals. When compared with traditional group fitness, you’ll find the slightly higher cost of 2 on 1 personal training (and even 1 on 1 personal training) is more than made up for by the increased speed of results, better training technique, improved motivation and better health and fitness accountability.

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